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Treasured Friends

By Paul Spurlin    |   April 12, 2022

On March 25, my good friend Bro. Michel (Mike) Poirier, BMA Missions French Language Coordinator, accompanied me to the adult jail in Jones County, where one prisoner told us about his treasures.

Bro. Mike Poirier is in our area for about two months to update churches on his work and to attend the BMA National meeting in April. I asked him to preach at one of our jail services where he shared his personal testimony. After Bro. Mike was saved, he had to leave his old life behind but took time to share Christ with two of his friends before leaving. One ultimately answered the Gospel's call. One did not.

After our worship service, one of the prisoners shared privately with me and Bro. Mike by saying that he had been reading Jesus's words about laying up treasure in heaven rather than on Earth. Then, the prisoner added that he had never cared much about a house or anything like that but that he sure did treasure his friends and wanted to take them with him to heaven by sharing the Gospel with them as he had a chance. Wow! How many of us so treasure our friends that we make sure they have heard the true Gospel and have considered eternal matters?

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