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You have An Opportunity To Go To The Ark and Creation Museum

By Larry Geraldson    |   March 12, 2022

April 2, 2022 we will have our annual Missions Conference. The conference is being hosted by Big Creek Baptist Church in Soso, MS. The meeting will begin at 8am with a report from Bro. Sam Freeman and will continue through the day with preaching and missionary reports. Registration is free and lunch will be provided at the church. A give away of Bibles and a one year family pass to the Ark and Creation Museum will take place at the end of the day.

In February, we conducted a Biblical Preaching Seminar for our missionaries as professional development. Dr. Charley Holmes, President of the BMA of America Theological Seminary, provided the training over the course of two days. The training was outstanding. (See attached photos.)

April and May are the months that our Association has designated as Special Emphasis for State Missions. We hope your church will take up a special offering to help us during this time.

I consider it an honor to serve our churches by supporting the missionaries you have sent out. We have a tremendous team of missionaries and coaches, which God has graciously provided. Other opportunities are on the horizon, as we continue to serve the Lord through church planting.

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