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True Excitement

By Samuel Yager    |   March 12, 2022

Few things are as exciting as watching those whom you have invested in begin to make use of what you have taught them. God has blessed in allowing me to watch this happen in the last couple weeks.

First, a new family began coming to Living Hope because one of our teens invited them after meeting them at Waffle House. The teenage daughter in this family evidenced a great desire to know the truths of God's Word better. Because of this, the girls in our youth group bought her a new Bible; and they have begun the discipleship process with her. Thus, there is someone coming to church and being discipled because of the faithfulness of a few teens.

It gives me true excitement to watch those few that God has given me the opportunity to influence begin to serve Him with joy. May we all be as excited to reach people as these teens.

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