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Bibles Or Beads?

By Wesley Martin    |   March 12, 2022

Mardi Gras is a large event for people all across the coast. Each year for a few weekends, people line the streets hoping to catch beads and trinkets. Over the last two years, the parades were canceled because of Covid.

This year, they were back in full force. We went before the Diamondhead parade and handed out Bibles. We walked the streets handing out Bibles, praying for people, and inviting people to church. We were able to hand out close to 200 Bibles, along with free food at our base. We then packed up and left before the parade.

I love this event. It provides an opportunity for every member to be involved. It was a great day of getting outside the walls of the church and sharing the gospel with the community around us.

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