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20 Years Of Life!

By Estuardo Marroquin    |   March 12, 2022

It is special the moment when we celebrate one more year of life. Recently, El Camino Baptist Church celebrated being alive in the city of Laurel for 20 years! What a moment! On February 20, they had a great special service to give thanks to God for having completed 20 years of life. It was a very special day for all the members of the congregation in which they expressed with songs of praise, their gratitude to The Lord for allowing them to reach this date.

During these 20 years, they have received blessings from God, as they have had the opportunity to serve on the mission field, not only supporting with their offerings but sending men who have been called to this great task. Brother Leo Adan, pastor of El Camino Baptist Church Hattiesburg, brought the message and spoke at this special service. In his preaching, he exalted the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ and thanked Him for the work of the Church in Laurel.

Pastor Leo Adan said, "It was here at El Camino Church, Laurel that I met Jesus as my personal Savior and gave Him my life in 2009. Thank you church for being faithful and God-fearing men who continue to preach His Word to this day." The meeting ended with a great lunch for all attendees and without missing the traditional birthday cake. We thank God for what He is doing through the Hispanic churches in our state of Mississippi.

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