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A Desperate Cry To Be Saved

By Paul Spurlin    |   October 18, 2021

Perhaps the greatest moment that Restoration Jail Ministry had in the past year occurred on June 25 in the Youth Detention Center in Jones County, Mississippi. As we had begun the night’s Bible study, a teen boy walked in and before sitting down said, “I need to get saved!” Not knowing what he knew about sin and salvation, I used passages from the book of Romans to explain about Jesus dying for his personal sin and trusting Jesus as Savior.

After counseling, he talked to God, repenting of his sin and asking Jesus to save him. It turns out that his aunt is currently in prison and had been saved through a prison ministry. She had spoken to him by phone, told him of his need to be saved, and advised him to “talk to the preachers” when they come to visit. I just happened to be the first preacher to show up after their conversation. His aunt’s work reminds me of the woman at the well in John 4, who after trusting Jesus herself, immediately began bringing others to Jesus. May this unnamed aunt be an example to us all!

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