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"God Had To Sit Me Down..."

By Paul Spurlin    |   March 12, 2022

As I was teaching Bible study in the Jones County adult jail on February 25, a prisoner told us that God had to sit him down.

We were studying from Romans Chapter 8 about all of the benefits God gives His children when He saves them. When we were discussing the Holy Spirit praying for us, as we do not know what to pray, two prisoners made comments. The first said that he and other prisoners frequently pray for God quickly to release them from jail but added that he may not be praying properly because God has him in jail for this time for a reason. The next prisoner explained, "God had to sit me down in jail because when I was running in the world, I was not paying any attention to God."

I appreciate the maturity with which these men spoke. Even when we are repentant for the reasons that put us into a difficult situation, God may allow us to continue in the difficulty to teach us, but I am thankful for those times when God's mercy spares us the challenges that we deserve.

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