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Fitly Joined Together

By Josh Daniels    |   March 12, 2022

In Ephesians 4, Paul gives some descriptions of how the church is made up of different people. These people all have different gifts and abilities, but also should share in the love, humility, and patience with one another for the sake of unity. In verses 15-16, we see that it is Christ who fits and joins the church together in just the right way.

As we move forward in the mission, some of our attention has been put back on church membership. Many have expressed a desire to join in our faith family and are committing to a 6 week membership class. This class will cover how to be a member of a local church, the ordinances of the local church, expectations of members, our history of how we have started, and the connection to the BMA of MS and its supporting churches.

At this current moment, we have just finished the first group and now have 4 candidates for baptism & 3 more to come by letter. The next membership course will begin on March 9th. Please pray for the next group.

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