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A Convicting Reminder

By Samuel Yager    |   February 15, 2022

God reminded me that He is the One who builds His church through good news I received this week.

Since beginning ministry in Meridian, I have desired to see my efforts result in people being saved and added to the church. One connection I was able to make was with a young believer who is a marine, currently in flight school. Through our connection, he began coming faithfully to our Wednesday evening discipleship. However, after a few weeks of losing communication with him, I thought my efforts were done in vain. But he reached out to me this week telling me that he had just finished a training assignment at a different base. Not only would he be coming back to church, but he also will be getting married this summer and will be bringing his new wife to be a part of our church.

It is easy to trust in our own efforts, even in our service to God. God used an ordinary situation to remind me that He is the One who builds His church, and that His plans are far greater than my own.

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