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By All Means Possible

By Scott Brocious    |   February 15, 2022

We have been continuing to maximize our outreach efforts at Canaan Land. This has required us to do some outside the box thinking. This has been an exciting season to really dig deep and use some more modern ways to reach the people in the community in which God has placed us. As the world evolves and technology advances, we must find ways to use these advancements to reach the people around us, by all means possible.

We have continued our radio ministry, and have gotten some feedback from a few listeners. What an encouragement! Also, with the help of Meyers Media, we have added a website to the church. It will be a place that we can upload weekly sermons, as well as, a platform that can inform others about who we are, what we believe and where we are located. Please, go and take a look at canaanlandbaptist.com. Next, we have been able to drastically increase our social media presence, using the free platforms to inform others about our mission work. It has opened another door in connecting with people and given an opportunity to share the Gospel.

Lastly, our efforts have been blessed. By using all means possible, we are continuing to see an increase. We have had the Beall family be our honored guests in several of our services. Please pray for them. Also, continue to lift all of those involved in our mission, up in prayer.

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