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Walking Together

By Sidney Farmer    |   February 15, 2022

"Can two walk together, except they be agreed?"

Fellowship with brothers in Christ is a wonderful thing. It is refreshing, enlightening, challenging, and healing.

Spending time together in the Living Word of God with my brothers is time well spent and will only tend to cause us to grow together in Christ and closer together. If you aren't seizing the opportunity to spend time with your brother, you are robbing yourself of so many blessings. If you aren't spending time with your brother in the Word of God, you probably aren't getting the refreshment, enlightenment, challenge, and healing that you need!

If we are on the same journey, headed in the same direction, why then do we not spend more time walking together?

I am thankful for the time spent with my brothers and pray that I will always take advantage of every opportunity to do so.

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