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Thank God We Are Open Again

By Paul Spurlin    |   February 15, 2022

During the month of January, the jail system in which we are working was closed to visitation and ministry due to the recent spike in COVID infections. However, we received news this week that the jails are back open.

Unlike our churches who can decide when services are open, we are dependent on the jails as to whether we can minister inside them. For the safety of the prisoners, the Jones County jail system closed to visitation during the month of January because of such high COVID transmission rates. We are so thankful for the Jones County system's willingness to allow us to visit the jails as much as they have over the last two years. Many jails have not been as open as Jones County during the COVID era, and we have had the chance to do some good work there during this time.

We look forward to being back in the jails on February 4, so by the time you are reading this update, we will have been back in the jail, which is open to ministry again. Thank God for being faithful to open doors for preaching. May He also open the hearts of people to the Gospel, in jail and out.

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