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Sawing Logs

By Josh Daniels    |   February 15, 2022

"Sawing logs" is a term used when describing someone fast asleep and snoring. A few days ago, we were anything but fast asleep. Lots of hard work went into a day of splitting wood and cleaning up some of the church property. A few trees had to come down where the foundation of the church building will go. An idea arose to split and sell the wood to help with funds for the youth to go to camp this summer. So, we gathered the youth together and led them in a full day of work. They worked hard and without complaint. I was very thankful for them.

Ministry and church life is full of hard work, but when we all work together, lots more can be done in a shorter time. In churches, there's something for everyone to do, no matter the age. Let's quit sleeping or sawing logs on the abilities, gifts, & talents of the people around us. Give kids and teens something to do. You may be surprised just how capable they really are.

This is also a great reminder of associational work. Many great things can happen when we continue working together.

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