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The Not So Glamorous Side of Ministry

By Chris Yager    |   January 13, 2022

Many have asked what does an Assistant Missionary do?  
Every missionary trainee is excited to preach and lead in ministry.  It is desirable to evangelize and disciple individuals in their faith, but missions work has a side that is not so glamorous.  

The not so glamorous side includes renovations of buildings, swinging sledgehammers, laying ceramic tile, cleaning the church building... basically whatever it takes to make the ministry function.  Some of it is glamorous and sought after, and some of it is just plain work!  Whatever it is, the Assistant Missionary, as well as the Lead Missionary, must be willing to do it all. 

Many times we only see the side of ministry that is desirable and glamorous, but there is so much more to it.  The Assistant Missionary is being trained to do every part of the ministry with the same enthusiastic zeal, glamorous or not. 


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