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Mission Making Moves

By Josh Daniels    |   January 13, 2022

        Refuge is beyond excited to share this good news with the churches and associations of the BMA of MS!!! We recently paid a deposit for our new building. This is a major long-awaited blessing. It will be a great thing to have our own place to worship, teach, gather and fellowship. This first step will put an erected metal building on a foundation. That will just be the start. We will then go to work on the inside, to finish it and prepare it for use.
        We thank every church and association that has faithfully given to the work of God happening through Refuge Mission. We look forward to continued partnership in the building process for anyone that would like to help. We hope that by April, we will be ready for church groups and anyone else to come lend a hand or use it as a mission trip. We know that a building is a tool and the great work will be what happens in and around that building in the ministry of God and the making of disciples.

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