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A New Year of ministry

By Wesley Martin    |   January 13, 2022

   A new year brings me great excitement. We are able to look back at what we accomplished the previous year. On the other hand, we look forward to new ministry before us.
   Over the last year, I was able to work very closely in ministry with Bro. Daniel. I am very proud of the growth he has shown in ministry. He was a big part of our preaching and teaching ministry. Now we look forward to him going out to plant a new work. At the same time, I was able to complete Polity training with Bro. Josh. I am excited to see how Refuge is growing and ministering to their community.
   I look forward to a new year of ministry at Redemption. Lord willing we will see the church continue to be edified and missionaries further equipped in ministry. We are thankful for the past year but the future looks bright. 

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