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Sing and celebrate!

By Estuardo Marroquin    |   January 13, 2022

Every moment is good to thank God for His mercies, and the recent month of December was a great blessing in the Hispanic work of our association. There were great moments to thank God for what could be achieved over a whole year.  Even during the crisis that continues with the pandemic, it was a not a reason to stop but to regain strength and continue to share the gospel of Jesus.

Every Hispanic field in our state took the time to come together and thank God for Jesus, remembering His birth. From south to north Mississippi, every Hispanic Church proclaimed the gospel, holding special worship services to make known the message of salvation in Christ with Christmas cantatas and special meetings the night before Christmas.

For New Year's Day, our Hispanic churches gathered to dedicate a good time of prayer and put in God's hands the work plans for 2022. It is the desire of our Hispanic Ministry to continue to encourage every Hispanic church and mission to keep preaching the gospel of Salvation, opening more fields in the Hispanic community, training more leaders to go to the mission field in Mississippi and provide financial support. Thank you for your prayers and all your support for the advancement of the Hispanic work in our state of Mississippi.

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