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In Jail on Christmas Eve

By Paul Spurlin    |   January 13, 2022

How would you feel to spend any night in jail, much less Christmas Eve? Our ministry visited juvenile and adult jails on Christmas Eve to encourage the prisoners and discuss the birth of our Savior. 

Feeling a burden to see prisoners and encourage them on Christmas Eve, which can be a harsh time to be locked away from loved ones, I traveled to the Jones County jail system to spend time with juvenile and adult prisoners. It normally seems difficult to engage the young people because they attend the Bible study by default. However, the adult prisoners are typically much more engaged in our worship services because they choose to attend, and they were much more so in our Christmas service, thanking me several times before and after the service for coming to see them on Christmas Eve. 

After spending time with prisoners during the course of this ministry, I truly believe many of the adult prisoners who attend our services know the Lord and are known by Him, even though they are being held in jail. Please continue to pray for them because it must be quite difficult to be living with other prisoners who know not the Lord.  We must also be praying for those unbelieving prisoners that God may save them. Remember, if you are saved, you too were once lost. How thankful you are now that someone prayed for you to know the Lord. 

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