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Hispanic Gratitude!

By Estuardo Marroquin    |   December 13, 2021

The Hispanic work in our association continues to advance, always thanking God for the doors that continue to open to share the gospel. Each Hispanic field, reports progress, and it is reason to give thanks. Bro. Lucas Gomez reports a good follow-up on the mission field. The congregation remains faithful to worship services and continues to pray that God will guide them to find a place for their meetings. El Camino Church in Hattiesburg continues to advance. Bro. Leo Adan reports new contacts and new families attending worship meetings. After praying, Bro. Leo and the congregation in Hattiesburg have decided to start their first missionary project and we have discussed starting a new mission field in Biloxi area. It is a great reason to thank God.

El Camino church in Laurel has taken a few weeks to do maintenance on its facilities, with several brothers collaborating every Saturday to rebuild some parts of the building. Their work reflects gratitude to God for the blessings that have been received in the congregation and in each family. Increasing attendance at worship meetings has brought much joy and blessing in recent weeks, with new families joining the church. We continue to give thanks to God.

We also thank God for the Hispanic Association Nueva Esperanza. They recently had their association meeting which is held every three months. The reports from the Hispanic mission fields were of encouragement to all present. At the end, Way Truth and Life Church in Ripley prepared a good Hispanic-style lunch with lots of tamales and hot chocolate. God has been good, and it is a reason to continue giving thanks, because so far, He has helped us to carry the message of Salvation in Christ. We hope that this Christmas season will bring much blessing and joy to your lives.  Thank you for your prayers and support for the Hispanic work in our association in Mississippi.

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