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When God Answers Prayers

By Johnny Williams    |   October 18, 2021

One of the greatest mission moments for us was when Bro. Tony Webb and his wife Darlene joined the mission. Tony has led music for over 25 years. If you have ever heard me lead in worship, then you know what a blessing that it was to have his help. He is doing a great job!

Darlene is over our Children’s Church and does a fantastic job! All our children love her and can't wait to go to church! Well, we went for two years without a piano player, and we prayed about it a lot.

The Lord heard our prayers and sent us Bro. Lynn Dale Perkins , wife, Mariam and daughter Brooke. Lynn Dale sings special music and is ready to fill in for Tony, if he can't be there. Ms. Mariam plays the piano. What a tremendous blessing to have a piano player who is faithful, and she does an excellent job, as well.

Every one that comes is special to us, but these two families were definitely sent by God!

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