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Grease Pit To Auditorium

By Samuel Yager    |   December 13, 2021

The commercial kitchen equipment that had gone uncleaned for over 6 years has been cleared out of the space that will become the future auditorium for Living Hope Baptist Mission.

Since purchasing the former Village Kitchen restaurant to turn into the new church building for Living Hope, the commercial kitchen has been the place to keep hidden and avoid. Figuring out what to do with all the equipment had been the most obvious roadblock in the early stages of renovation. Because of this, it was a great joy when someone purchased all the equipment for their own general store and included removing all the equipment in their purchase. After the equipment had been cleared out and the floors had been degreased, the most obvious roadblock had been conquered before the full renovation even started.

What once was a grease pit has taken a large step in becoming an auditorium, and we are praising God for how He continues to work.

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