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Reaching Rural Mississippi

By Scott Brocious    |   December 14, 2021

Throughout the month of November we have been maximizing the outreach efforts at Canaan Land. We are in a more rural part of town, so it has taken some thinking outside the box to make sure we are reaching our entire community with the Gospel of Christ. It is paying off!

These outreach efforts have included the launch of our radio program, over 1400 church invitations mailed out locally, and our biggest outreach effort to date; our Winter Festival. God has honored and blessed all of these efforts. He has provided the monetary support and physical support from our churches.

We have seen an increase in visitors, and we have also made new contacts within the community. In the month of November and thus far in December, we have had first time visitors and repeat visitors in our Sunday morning services. God is seeing these efforts and honoring them.

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