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Iron Sharpens Iron

By Wesley Martin    |   December 9, 2021

The writer of Proverbs makes this statement, “Iron Sharpens Iron.” We sharpen one another. We sharpen each other’s minds and each other’s gifts.

I had the opportunity to preach to our Missionaries at a recent Missionary Meeting. It was a pleasure to share God’s Word with them and encourage them in ministry. The sermon was from 2 Timothy 4. Paul gives us a list of men who he had worked with in ministry. We talked about the importance of making disciples and having servants in the church. There is also a warning about men who oppose the church and would harm the ministry. We must be vigilant to identify these men and protect the flock.

I love the group of missionaries that we have and the comradery between us. I pray that the men were strengthened and encouraged as they continue their work.

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