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Can Everyone Move In? We Need More Space!

By Chris Yager    |   November 30, 2021

One year after our first service, we had our largest attendance so far! God blessed us with 42 in attendance the morning of October 17th.
As a church planter, you anticipate every Sunday morning to be an amazing Sunday. More often than not, the people that say they are coming fail to come.  But there are Sunday mornings that everything aligns just right, and many of the people that you have been talking to end up coming. This is what happened that Sunday morning! As church began, we were already at our average, and families kept coming. For the first time, I had to stop service and ask our people to move in to make room. We also had to add another row of chairs to the back. The Sunday Morning was electric and exciting. It was a huge encouragement to the mission of what God wants to do through it.

This moment will be one that our church remembers years down the road as a highlight.  It is amazing when the Lord gives you a glimpse of what He is doing. It makes you want to keep going to see Him do more! Thank you for investing in us!

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