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Tune In For More

By Scott Brocious    |   December 9, 2021

We have started a radio ministry! Upon talking with several of our members, I learned of a local radio broadcast out of Waynesboro. Listening to our people, we have decided this would be a great opportunity to reach the people local to our community with the Gospel message. It is also a wonderful opportunity to represent and let others know about our mission church.

At Canaan Land, we are striving to reach our community by every possible avenue. The “field is white” and we should be laboring. The station that we are broadcasting through is 105.5 WABO. It reaches Wayne County, Laurel, Meridian, as well as Hattiesburg. Tune in at 8:15 on Sunday mornings to listen.

We ask that you pray for this ministry, that God will be glorified, the lost will be saved, and that the program will promote church growth. We are truly excited about this radio ministry. We are thankful for the opportunity to reach our community with radio.

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