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Hispanic Missions On The Move

By Estuardo Marroquin    |   December 9, 2021

In Canton, Brother Lucas continues to move forward sharing the Gospel and reports good attendance at worship meetings on Sundays and now they have started meeting for mid-week services. Also, Pastor Leo Adan and El Camino Baptist Church, Hattiesburg, remains very cheerful and encouraged as they continue to reach more people for Jesus and plan to start new mission churches. Additionally, El Camino Baptist Church, Laurel, had the opportunity to meet and celebrate the independence of the countries of Central America and Mexico. It was a great activity full of joy with tons of regional food and the study of God's Word. We thank God for the continued growth we are experiencing.

Recently, the Hispanic association Nueva Esperanza (New Hope), held its Bible conference for men. It was very well attended, and many men responded to God's call and made commitments to serve faithfully in the different Hispanic churches.

It is our prayer to God that we can continue to advance in missionary work among our Hispanic community as we faithfully preach the gospel and disciple believers. I
appreciate your prayers and financial support for the Hispanic work and pray that God will bless your lives, churches, and ministry.

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