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The Message And Mission Moves Forward

By Josh Daniels    |   October 18, 2021

For six weeks we were faced with coronavirus outbreak and Hurricane Ida issues. Many in the mission stepped up and supported each other and our neighbors in Louisiana.

The people of Refuge have continued to grow a strong bond that will make a solid foundation of support, as we inch toward becoming an organized church. Ministry continues to take place, the gospel is being shared, and discipleship is happening. The Lord just added 20 new members to the mission, and we are working towards preparing others for membership classes, as well. There is no pressure to become a member placed on anyone, but we do value church membership; so much so, that we believe in training and teaching potential new members in who we are, what we believe, what they can expect, and what is expected of them before they make that final decision to join.

At this time, Refuge has a few outreach days planned through the fall and we pray that helps us meet and introduce ourselves to new people. We love our community and hope to see new disciples added to the kingdom each year.

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