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Reaching the Hearts of Men

By Samuel Yager    |   April 12, 2022

This month, we were able to kick off our Men's Cookouts at Living Hope. These activities are specifically designed to reach those men that are serving at the military base in Meridian.

Since the beginning of Living Hope, God has blessed us with two men on the base that have a strong relationship with Him. With this connection, we hope to reach those men that are serving at the base with the Gospel through these cookout activities. Our goal is to host four cookouts a year in which a free dinner and activity are offered. In addition to connecting these men with Living Hope, we will present the Gospel and a challenge to be a godly man at each of these events.

Our first cookout was a great time of fellowship that set the stage for what we hope this ministry to become. Please pray with us that God will bring men to Himself because of this ministry.

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