M3 | Striving Together (part 2)

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Striving Together (part 2)

By Chris Yager    |   April 12, 2022

Construction projects bring out the best of our association!! Not only are we passionate about the gospel, we are passionate about helping one another.

Bro. Sidney Farmer and the men from South Forrest Baptist Church came up to Living Hope on a Saturday in March and served with us all day! They were such a tremendous blessing!! They accomplished so much on our building project: taking down old walls, constructing new walls, laying down decking and helping in any way they could! Thank you so much to Bro. Sidney and men of South Forrest!

I can't thank the churches of the BMA of MS enough for the willingness to help in serving, giving and prayer! I am so blessed to be able to strive together with you!!

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