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Meet The Neighbors

By Josh Daniels    |   April 12, 2022

On April 2nd, a large community wide yard sale took place in Kiln, MS. On that same day the BMA of MS Missions department held a missions conference hosted at Big Creek Baptist Church. With both events taking place on the same day, my desires were torn in two. Part of me knew the importance of attending the conference and the other part wanted to be right in the middle of meeting new people in our community. When I shared this with our people at Refuge, it became more clear what to do. The people of Refuge have grown to understand the importance of serving and meeting their neighbors.

As a missionary, God has blessed me directly, as well as, the mission, with people that will serve. It was much easier to be able to attend the conference knowing that not only would they be able to handle the work, but that they would do a good job at it.

Please continue to pray for us at Refuge as we reach the community with the gospel and as we teach disciples the things of God's Word.

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