Wesley Martin

Wesley, Holley & Lawson Martin

Wesley, Holley & Lawson Martin

Wesley Martin grew up on the Gulf Coast where he attended Campground Baptist Church. In 2004, he was saved and in February 2008 he surrendered to the gospel ministry and licensed by Campground Baptist Church. He was ordained in 2013 and has served as Associate Pastor at Campground since that time. He has spent time working in youth ministry, music ministry and preaching the gospel. He is currently working toward his Bachelor’s degree at Southeastern Baptist College. In 2012, he married his wife, Holley, and they are now expecting their first child, Lawson Reed Martin.

“I believe there is a great need for churches on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The population of this area is steadily growing, but the numbers of churches that are reaching these people are declining. I have a love for people and a great burden for lost souls. Diamondhead is one of the cities on the coast that is on the rise. It was started as a retirement community, but now it is a newly formed city with many young families moving in. It is my desire to start a church and to build relationships, minister to people, and ultimately win souls for Christ. I have shared this burden with my pastor, Bro. Bryan Atwood, and together we have prayed and planned to plant a church in this area.”IMG_7775


“Over the last forty years the demographic makeup of Diamondhead has changed from that of a retirement community to that of any small suburban type area.” – Source “Diamondhead 25 years Plan”

Diamondhead, as a community, does not present have a Baptist Church.

On August 17, 2014, Campground Baptist Church voted to recommend Wesley Martin as a missionary church planter to the city of Diamondhead, MS.  The church voted unanimously to sponsor and support Wesley and his family as a mother church in partnership with the State Missions Department of the Baptist Missionary Association of Mississippi.Diamondhead_o