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El Camino Holds Annual Camp Meeting

140 people participate (121 from El Camino Laurel and 19 people from El Camino Hattiesburg) in this years annual camp meeting. The theme was “Arise and Shine” from Isaiah 60:1. Three people made a profession of faith at the camp and 9 people were baptized. One person who was among those who were baptized was a lady named Laura Crisanto. Laura came to the US about 5 years ago and was saved in one of the small groups about 6 weeks back. She recently fell and hurt her back and hip. During the camp meeting she became ill and began to suffer excruciating pain from her injuries. Her husband said he had never seen her in so much pain before. Nevertheless, Laura would not leave the camp until after her turn to be baptized. After being baptized she later said that her pain would not stop her from her decision to follow the Lord and be baptized.


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