Annual Meeting of the BMA of Mississippi

Ken Riley President of the BMA of MS

Ken Riley
President of the BMA of MS

Annual Meeting of the BMA of Mississippi

“Desiring the Glory of God”

Exodus 33:18   “…Show me thy glory.”

 “The annual meeting of the Baptist Association of Mississippi will be held October 22-23, 2013 at Southeastern Baptist College in Laurel. We long to see our churches transformed, filled with power and the glory of God. Wherever His glory manifests, whether through faithful preaching or a simple testimony, people will run to taste it. It unifies us in awe.

I want to encourage each of you to pray for one another and encourage everyone who can, to attend. I invite you to join with me in prayer that our meeting this year will be one where love prevails, unity reigns, and immense amounts of progress will be made in every facet of our work. We need, and should desire, this wonderful time of fellowship and spiritual renewal that will be experienced if we do our part.”

Larry Geraldson Director of Missions and Revolving Loan Fund

Larry Geraldson
Director of Missions
and Revolving Loan Fund

I want to join Bro. Riley in encouraging all of you to attend and participate in this important meeting.  This year’s schedule will highlight our missionaries and their progress over the past year.  One of our state missionaries will give a report just prior to each of the department reports.  The meeting will begin and end with missions on our minds and hearts. Their reports will bless your heart.

Our association is unique because we believe and practice strong local church doctrine.  As such, we believe that each church is autonomous therefore, our Doctrinal Statement states: “18. The right of scriptural churches to be held as equal units, in their association capacities, with equal rights and privileges for all.”

This statement extends from deep convictions embedded in our past experiences, first adopted by our forefathers, in the midst of difficulties over inequality.  It represents that we believe that no one church should have more rights or privileges because she is larger or gives more. It represents no one church should seek to Lord over other churches using the association as a vehicle for doing so. It represents that each church has both the privilege and responsibility to select and qualify her messengers and represent herself in the meetings of the association.  It represents that our meetings are not a fellowship of pastors but a gathering of messengers from each church with mutual respect and prayerful desire to work together to accomplish the purpose for which we entered into this association.

I personally like what J.E. Cobb says in his “Baptist Church Manual.” “A fundamental tenet of faith in a Baptist church is her independence and individuality.  A scriptural association is not composed of messengers who are elected by the churches and sent to a meeting.  It is composed of churches.

Limits of an Association

It is not the province of associations, either district, state, or national, to control or to exercise any sort of dominion over the churches.  Instead of the association “running” the churches, the churches “run” the association.

Value of an Association

Through the cooperation of God’s children in church capacity, more can be accomplished in a given community.  Through the association and cooperation of churches more can be accomplished in the world.

Participation in an Association

It is a common practice for a church, coming into an association, to present a petitionary letter.  The letter usually certifies to the messengers of the churches composing the association that the church is sound in faith and regular in her order.  As a rule, information is given as to her Articles of Faith and Church Covenant.  The messengers, being satisfied as to the soundness and regularity of the church, fellowship the messengers from the petitioning church.  When churches come into the associated work, they should be willing fully to declare themselves in fellowship with other churches in the work.”

The following is taken from the minute book of the BMA of Mississippi:



of the

Baptist Missionary Association of Mississippi

formerly (Mississippi Baptist Association)


Article III — Principles Of Cooperation

Section 1: This body shall be composed of such regular Baptist churches as may adhere

to the Doctrinal Statement and Article I of this Constitution.

Section 2: A church desiring membership in this body shall present a petitionary letter

with a statement that in regular conference she has adopted the Doctrinal Statement and

Constitution of the Baptist Missionary Association of Mississippi.

Section 3: This Association shall recognize the sovereignty of each local church.

Section 4: This Association shall exercise no ecclesiastical authority over any church.

Section 5: A two-thirds majority vote shall be required for receiving a new church into


Section 6: Each church of this association shall be entitled to three messengers duly

elected from her membership.

Section 7: Each church shall be the sole judge of the qualification of her messengers.

Section 8: This Association shall recognize the Scripture as the final authority in all things pertaining to the work of this body.


When churches understand their relationship to other churches in an association, it helps to promote cooperation and harmony.

Below is a schedule of the upcoming meeting:


Tuesday Morning

8:00 am – Registration Begins

9:00 am – WMA (Shady Grove Baptist Church) and Brotherhood (Southeastern Baptist College)

10:30 am – Pastor’s and Laymen Conference (SBC)

Noon – Lunch


Tuesday Afternoon

1:30 pm – Music

1:35 pm – Presidents Message and Theme

2:00 pm – Enrollment Committee Initial Report, Seating of the Messengers, Election of Officers, Annual Site & Speaker, Mid-Year Site & Speaker, Nominating Committee Initial Report

2:25 pm – Missionary Bob Burch (Report)
2:30 pm – Southeastern Baptist College

3:00 pm – Missionary Phillip Burns (Report)
3:05 pm – Youth Department

3:35 pm – Missionary Sidney Farmer (Report)
3:40 pm – Revolving Loan Fund & Missions

4:20 pm – Missionary Kenneth Pollock (Report)
4:25 pm – Publications

4:55 pm – Closing Scripture Reading & Prayer

5:00 pm – Adjourn

Tuesday Evening

7:00 pm – Special Music / Congregational Singing

7:30 pm – Annual Message

Wednesday Morning

9:00 am – Scripture Reading & Prayer

9:05 am – BMA of MS Foundation

9:10 am – Missionary Coord. Estuardo Marroquin (Report)
9:20 am – Commission on Senior Adults

9:40 am – Missionary Kelby Johnson (Report)
9:45 am – Moral Action

10:15 am – Missionary Coord. Elvis Garcia (Report)
10:25 am – Commission on History and Archives

10:35 am – Missionary Danny Bartlett (Report)
10:40 am – Children’s Home

11:10 am – Baptist Music Fellowship

11:15 am – Missionary Bobby Elliott (Report)
11:20 am – Brotherhood

11:30 am – Missionary Coord. Ed DuVall (Report)

11:40 am – WMA

11:50 am – Missionary Ray Boone (Report)

11:55 am – Salary Committee Report

12:00 pm – Final Enrollment Committee Report

12:05 pm – Nominating Committee Final Report

12:10 pm – Closing Scripture Reading & Prayer


The purpose of the association is to aid in the preaching of the Gospel throughout the world; To promote fellowship among the churches of the association; To cooperate in benevolent and educational activities consistent with the Scripture and beneficial to the purposes of this association.

We hope to see you at the meeting.


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