Available Preachers

Some of these men are available to supply and some to pastor and some are available for both. Names that appear on this list do not constitute an endorsement by the Missions Department. Each church should do her own background checks.

Junior Strickland  601-624-4208
Chance Cameron  601-606-5499
Hunter Phillips  601-550-1109
Kaleb Lee  601-337-0365
Neal Helton  601-508-2889
Zechariah Rogers  662-372-5730
Steve Kelley  228-990-3695
Don Brown  601-508-8782 or 601-508-4199
Marion Green  601-583-0534 or 601-213-7217
John Miller  601-545-7179 or 601-520-4736
Wexford Parmer  662-401-6208 or 662-840-9555
Kent Grice  601-498-1532
James Garrett  jgarrett662@gmail.com
Kenny Mitchell  mod19357@gmail.com
Johnathan McLemore  601-319-4271 or 601-319-3528 or BroJohnMac@hotmail.com
Mark A. Johnston  985-774-6232
James Kolton Wardell  601-467-6640 or jameskwardell@yahoo.com
Dale Wirick  228-437-5200
Grover Laird  662-862-2876
Grant Shields  662-282-7109
Larry Pierce  601-947-3531
Mark Hanna  601-422-9000
Scott Downes  601-749-0951 or 601-916-0486
Greg Renfrow  601-782-4430 or 601-504-4945
Tim Holsonback  662-322-7679
Bert Bryant  601-994-4903
Jerry Rice  601-508-0703
Terry Fregoe  601-528-4663
Danny Stegall  901-598-9354
Brandy Haden  601-441-4586

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